How to care for Azaleas

Azalea encapsulates the beauty of spring. When fully bloomed, its pink, red, violet and orange hues inject freshness and joy into our homes or gardens. Did you know that the beauty of this easy-to-grow plant is celebrated in countries like?; • Japan • Korea • Hong Kong • and the USA, where festivals are held annually. Taking

Houseplant Care Guide

Having plants at home, besides being highly recommendable for our health, gives a touch of color and vitality to any space. And, against what is believed, taking care of a plant is not complicated, as long as you take into account the different characteristics of each one as regards its maintenance, amount of light and

The Language of Flowers: How to Pick the Perfect Rose

Call us old-fashioned but we still love getting flowers and going on proper dates.  The simple act of a giving bunch of flowers is both thoughtful and meaningful and shows the person that you care about them. However, as the different colors of roses mean different things, it’s important to carefully consider which one to

The Birth Flower of July: Larkspur

Spring has sprung and now summer is here. Do you have friends or loved ones who celebrate a birthday or anniversary in July? The birth flower of the month is Delphinium, also known by its common name, “Larkspur”. It is a beautiful, striking flower available in several colors. While it may be more common to

The Birth Flower of June: Rose

With over 150 species and countless variations of stunning hybrids, the rose is, without a doubt, the most popular flower in the world. From lovely pinks to dark, rich reds and from pastel peach shades to sunny yellows, roses come in the most gorgeous range of colors, with the darkest of all being ‘The Black

How to Make Your Own Wedding Flowers (DIY)

Getting ready for your Big Day? If you’re interested in cutting the expenses while adding personalized elements to your wedding, then you should definitely consider creating your own flower arrangements. Today’s easy step-by-step DIY project: gorgeously lush centerpieces that feature your favorite blossoms… for half the price! Roll up your sleeves and get to work!

Representation of Daisy Flower in Different Painting Styles

Since ancient times, daisies have captivated millions of people around the world, due to their beauty, freshness and delicate and varied presentation. They have become perfect symbols of innocence and humility, which has inspired creators, artists and even the first generations of humans to highlight their attributes and to represent them over the years. In

Which Flower Should You Give on Your Anniversary?

Gifting flowers to celebrate a wedding anniversary has a long and interesting history. Back in the Medieval Period: the men of the Holy Roman Empire would often surprise their wives with silver garlands to commemorate 25 years of marriage and golden wreaths to mark their 50th. And these days, offering flowers as a gift to


Flowers are not just decorative elements. Although it might be thought that their only function is to embellish for a moment so that it stays captured in our memories, scientists around the world have discovered that their presence brings many other benefits besides the aesthetic ones that we all know about. It’s universal knowledge that

5 Great Ideas That Will Warm Your Dad’s Heart

Now that the Mother’s Day festivities have come to an end, it’s time to plan for the upcoming Father’s Day. If you’re on the lookout for ideas that will help you celebrate your dad in style, check out our list featuring a few fun and memorable ways to mark the occasion. From sending out stunning