The Meaning behind the Number of the Roses

Did you know bouquets with a different number of roses symbolize different things?

Numbers can emphasize the powerful symbolic message of the rose. Whether you intend to give a bouquet of roses to your beloved, a friend or another person of significance, decide how many roses you want to give.

Here’s something to help you make up your mind. The meaning behind the number of roses in a bouquet:

A single rose

To receive a single rose is a great compliment.

A single rose represents ‘love at first sight’ and is often given to the ladies during the first date. It shows a definite romantic interest.

Three roses

Three roses express contentment from being with the other person.

This bouquet is often reserved for couples with some mileage behind their backs.

Five roses

Being given five roses is the moment most of us dream about.

They symbolize true love. So, if you are on the receiving end of this gift, pinch yourself, it is really happening.

Six roses

A great way to show your lady you want to take the relationship to the next level is to give her six roses.

This bouquet confesses unrevealed tinges of love and passion.

Nine roses

Nine roses are ideal for expressing the deep and eternal love you might feel for the special someone with whom you have shared a life.

Ten roses

A gift of ten roses symbolizes the unshakeable confidence of two lovers they are meant for each other.

The ten-rose bouquet means ‘a perfect love’.

Twelve roses

The number twelve symbolizes wholeness.

Thus, twelve roses symbolize the desire of the gift-giver to spend their whole life with their beloved. It’s equivalent to a marriage proposal.

Thirteen roses

Roses are not all about love. They can also represent a true friendship as in a beautiful bouquet of thirteen roses.

Fifteen roses

A great way to say ‘I’m sorry’ to a beloved is to give them fifteen roses.

This bouquet confesses feelings of regret one might harbor following an argument with their special someone.

Twenty roses

To prove that your love is sincere, consider giving her 20 roses.

Twenty-one roses

Throw another rose into a bouquet of 20, and you get the mind-disarming message of eternal and unconditional love – a genuine gesture of appreciation for the other person.

Twenty-five roses

The relationship is one in a million. No, it’s unique. It’s the first time you’ve ever experienced such love.

Express its uniqueness with a bouquet of twenty-five roses.

Forty-one roses

There’s nothing like a gift of forty-one roses to sweep your beloved off her feet. This works well as a surprise gift and shows how much you love her and care about her.

Forty or more roses

A gift of more than forty roses is an expression of complete confidence that the love between two people will stand the test of time.

It is the perfect symbol of love without boundaries.

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