How to Plant the Seeds of Roses

Have you ever considered growing rose bushes from their seeds?

Growing roses can be a very rewarding hobby. Maybe you’ve done it before, or you think it’s the right time you dug deeper.

If so, the point of this article is to outline the right steps and help you guide those fragile rose seeds to their dazzling mature form.


How to obtain the seeds of roses?

obtain the seeds of roses

The first step is to obtain the seeds of the type of rose you have decided to grow. This can happen in
two ways.

  • The easy way is to buy harvested seeds from any big retailer. They are cheap and can be delivered to you in a healthy state.
  • The second way is to harvest the seeds yourself. While this takes finesse, it is ultimately the more rewarding option. You can do this by carefully extracting the seeds from the rose hips of your preferred type of rose.

How to germinate the seeds?

germinate the seeds

Before planting the rose bush seeds in soil, they need to undergo a cold treatment process called ‘stratification’.

The point of this treatment is to ‘trick’ the seeds into believing they have survived the winter, so when planted in soil and kept at room temperature, they will sprout.

You can stratify rose seeds in two ways:

1- plant them in trays with a soil-less mix of 50% perlite and 50% peat or
2- place them between two moist paper towels.

Then, put them in the fridge for at least 10 weeks.

During the stratification process, it is important to take precautions against mold contamination. This can be done by occasionally spraying the seeds with diluted hydrogen peroxide (about 1.5 teaspoons in 1 cup of water).

How to plant the rose seeds

plant the rose seed

When the time is ripe,
• plant the seeds about 1/4 inch deep in the fertile soil
• raise and maintain the temperature to 70F and water them.

If the germination stage went well, you would get to enjoy your first rose seedlings two or three weeks after planting.

Ensure they receive plenty of light and do not over-water them.

Keeping the soil not-too-moist will discourage mold from taking hold.

Transplanting the stem

Transplanting the stem

It is crucial to give the seedlings enough time to become stronger before you initiate transplanting. To discern the right time to do it, monitor their stem progress.

The first leaves of roses are called “cotyledons” which are, basically, stem-less. Once the plant has a more established stem with multiple leaves, you are good to go.

It is important to avoid touching the roots as they are fragile.

Use a spoon or any other tool to transplant them. As a precaution, plant them in a bigger pot and keep them there for a year or two before planting them outside.

Basic tips to take care of your rose bush

Once the rose bush seeds reach maturity, your care for the plant doesn’t end.

Here are a few tips to have in mind to keep your rose bush healthy from the start.

  • Plant them in a well-draining soil where they can get sunlight for a minimum of four hours a day.
  • Plant them outside after the last frost of winter, preferably during the spring.
  • Plant near a wall or fence to help them survive the colder days of winter.
  • Fertilize them regularly and be wise with the watering.
  • Don’t over-water but don’t underwater too: an equivalent of 1 inch of rainfall a week should be just right.

If all the steps are performed correctly, you will get to enjoy the beauty of one of humanity’s most revered flowers – the rose – all the while feeling a tinge of deep satisfaction in the knowledge that you were the one responsible for bringing it into existence.

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