10 Halloween Decoration Ideas You Will Love

Halloween is the most delightful holiday for anyone who enjoys a good scare or a mischievous prank. Decorating for Halloween is a fun way to get into the spirit of the holiday.

Whether you prefer elegant décor, humorous knickknacks or real horror show stage setting, there’s a Halloween decoration that’s right for you.

Here are 10 ideas you will love.

1. Skull Explosion

A skull explosion is an elegant decoration with a macabre sensibility.

Start with a hollow skull form. Fill it up with black dirt. Take some flowers, like deep red roses, white daisies, and purple orchids. Arrange the flowers in the top of the skull, sticking them into the dirt so that they appear to be exploding out of the skull.

To make the decoration even more interesting, use a shiny gold-colored skull.

2. Black Wreath

Put a black wreath on your door to welcome guests to a Halloween party. You can use a grapevine wreath spray-painted black for the base of the wreath.

Then, add ornaments like black bat cutouts and a deep gold satin ribbon. For an extra-spooky touch, add plastic eyeballs among the decorations.

3. Witch Hat Centerpieces

Having an elegant Halloween feast? Why not decorate the tables with a classic symbol of the season?

Start with a black witch’s hat. Arrange black and white feathers around the brim of the hat. String clear white beads on wire to create bony finger-like projections and attach them like plumes.

Add a few red gerbera daisies, a few white lilies, and a little black gauze to create a scary but elegant centerpiece.

4. Painted Pumpkins

Pumpkins are a wonderful symbol of Halloween. A great thing about pumpkin decorations is that many of them are just as nice for the whole fall season.

Use spray paint to make black pumpkins and metallic gold pumpkins. Then, just stack them up in a group to make an elegant decoration for your entryway or patio. Or, if you have an artistic side, paint deep red and white curlicues on a black spray-painted pumpkin.

5. Crystal Web

When the dew hits a spider web in nature, the effect looks like a crystal web. You can create a spider web decoration that gives this same effect. Simply string clear plastic beads on thin wires. Bend and wrap the wires to design your web. Then, use a string of smaller clear beads for the strand the spider is spinning. Place a plastic spider at the end of that strand. Put the web up in the corner of your entryway.

Don’t be surprised when your guests jump away trying to avoid the dreaded spider bite!

6. Simple Stairway Décor

There are several ways to spook up your stairway.

• You can drape a long, black gauzy scarf along the banister to give the impression of cobwebs.
Hold the scarf in place by setting a glowing skull or pumpkin on its end on top of the newel post.

7. A Murder of Crows

It’s hard to say why a group of crows is called a murder. Maybe it’s because crows have long been a symbol of death. To create your own murder of crows decoration, start with a small bare tree branch. Spray paint it white. Then, attach several plastic or fabric crows to the branches.

8. Black Candle Magic

There are several ways you can use black candles to create a frightening ambiance. Use black tapers in dark pewter candleholders.

Or, you can tie straight black or red candles together with a black cord to create the effect of a bundle of dynamite.

9. Lawn Ghosts

No need to make your guests wait for the Halloween fun to begin. Decorate your lawn with ghosts to greet them before they even enter your home. To make your ghosts, just shape chicken wire into ghost figures and spray paint them white.

10. Splashes of Orange

Dress up your dark dungeon of Halloween horrors with bright splashes of orange. Set vases around your rooms. Fill them with the most brilliant orange flowers you can find. You can find a wide range or orange flowers, including: orange gerbera daisies, orange miniature or rambler roses, or orange tulips.

The bright colors boost the fun and lightens everyone’s mood!

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