The Birth Flower of July: Larkspur

Spring has sprung and now summer is here. Do you have friends or loved ones who celebrate a birthday or anniversary in July?

The birth flower of the month is Delphinium, also known by its common name, “Larkspur”.


It is a beautiful, striking flower available in several colors. While it may be more common to know about birthstones for each month, there is also a birth flower that corresponds to each month of the year as well.

The gift of a Larkspur flower arrangement will be appreciated by any keen gardener or person with a birthday during the month of July.

Let’s read more about the meaning behind the Larkspur.

The Language of Flowers

The Language of Flowers-Larkspur
The study of floriography, the language of flowers, has been developed over many centuries.

During the 1800’s of Victorian England and in the United States, certain flowers were chosen for bouquets with a specific hidden meaning. Several books were popular at the time to explain the meanings, including the first known published book about flower meanings by Joseph Hammer-Purgstall, called the Dictionnaire du language des fleurs (1809). Because of the restrictive nature of communications between couples at the time, it was a very popular way for an admirer to show affection to a loved one in a discreet manner.

Floriography has been used frequently in literature and art, especially in the 1800’s. Even earlier instances include references in the works of Shakespeare and in the Bible.

The problem of privacy and interaction with a loved one is no longer a concern, but it is still interesting to know the history behind the meaning of flowers.

All about the Larkspur

Delphinium in the garden

The Larkspur, also known as Delphinium, is a perennial that blooms in the summer.

The Latin name means “dolphin”, as the shape of the flower petal sort of resembles the sea mammal. It primarily grows in North American climates and mountainous regions in Africa.

The most common color is a deep bluish-purple. Pink, blue, and white colors are also available. Each color symbolizes a specific meaning. Pink is contrariness, white is happy, and purple signifies first love. In general, the Larkspur has a meaning of strong bonds of love. Other meanings are big-hearted, joyful, and sweet.

With several colors to choose from, the Larkspur is an unusual and beautiful choice for many occasions throughout the year.
Colors of Larkspur

• Choose a pastel pink for Valentine’s Day or a white for Mother’s Day.
• A shade of blue or deeper violet color would be a lovely gift for a birthday present or other special celebration.
• Another idea is to mix a few of the colors into one arrangement. The color options of pink, white, and violet complement each other very nicely.

The Larkspur stands quite tall, up to about 2 meters, and is usually seen in the garden towering over smaller plants and flowers. The flowers attract bees and butterflies.

Natural Benefits- Delphinium

However, is it important to note the flower is toxic when ingested, so it should be kept away from children and animals.

An elegant flower, the Larkspur is a beautiful addition to any garden with its vibrant color and majestic presence.

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