The Birth Flower of June: Rose

With over 150 species and countless variations of stunning hybrids, the rose is, without a doubt, the most popular flower in the world.

From lovely pinks to dark, rich reds and from pastel peach shades to sunny yellows, roses come in the most gorgeous range of colors, with the darkest of all being ‘The Black Rose of Turkey’, which features an ultra-dark, almost-black burgundy shade.

Loved both for its unmistakable beauty and irresistible fragrance, roses are the official birth flower of June and, therefore, the best way to honor your loved ones who celebrate their birthdays during the first summer month of the year.

gorgeous range of colors- roses

The History of the Rose

The History of the Rose

According to scientific evidence, the stunning rose has been around for no less than 35 million years. While their cultivation began 5000 years ago in China, over 150 species of roses can be found naturally in the Northern Hemisphere, including northern Africa.

Back in the Roman times, roses were the most popular flower in the Middle East, where they were used both in medicine, in the fragrance making the trade, as well as a way to celebrate special occasions. During opulent festivities, Roman emperors used roses as confetti, showering their guests with falling rose petals from the ceilings. Moreover, rose water was frequently used by royalty for both bathing and swimming, as it was believed that this bloom carried rejuvenating benefits.

Back in the 17th century, the rose’s popularity reached a peak, when they began being used for both payments and barter.

In the 18th century, cultivated roses were introduced on the European grounds, and then soon began to be bred and available to the large public.

The Powerful Symbolism of Roses

As the emblem of goddesses Aphrodite and Venus in Ancient Rome, roses carry powerful symbolism, predominantly associated with love and romance. But given their impressively wide range of shapes and colors, with the most common ones being red, white, pink and yellow, roses can convey a variety of messages, including friendship, passion, and gratitude.

  • The classic RED rose is the quintessential symbol of love.
  • LIGHT PINK shades represent grace, admiration, sympathy, and sweetness.
  • DARK PINK roses stand for feelings of gratitude.
  • The lovely PEACH roses are a symbol of modesty.
  • ORANGE roses stand for fascination and curiosity, as well as passion.
  • SALMON roses are the perfect way to convey feelings of excitement.
  • YELLOW blooms represent platonic love, but also feelings of jealousy, depending on the country.
  • WHITE roses are best suited to send a message of friendship, innocence, and purity.
  • IVORY roses represent charm and thoughtfulness.
  • The quirky PURPLE roses carry a meaning of fascination, as well as maternal and paternal love.
  • BURGUNDY shades are the perfect representation of classic beauty.
  • ALMOST-BLACK shades convey a message of endless devotion.
  • GREEN roses symbolize rejuvenation, as well as peace and calm.
  • YELLOW with RED TIP blooms is the perfect gift if you want to send a message of ‘falling in love’.
  • BLUE roses stand for mystery, as well as endless prosperity.

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