The Language of Flowers: How to Pick the Perfect Rose

Call us old-fashioned but we still love getting flowers and going on proper dates.  The simple act of a giving bunch of flowers is both thoughtful and meaningful and shows the person that you care about them.

However, as the different colors of roses mean different things, it’s important to carefully consider which one to pick so you don’t send across an unintentional message.

For example, you could give your girlfriend a bunch of romantic red roses but would you do the same for your mother-in-law?

Probably not.

But don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be awkward.

You can buy flowers for different women for a variety of different reasons and to mark a variety of different occasions.  It doesn’t always have to be all about romance.

Are you trying to figure out which rose is the right choice for you?

Take the stress out of flower-picking by using our handy guide to discover the meaning of roses

Red Roses: Romance

LolaFlora-red roses-perfect rose

It should come as no surprise that red roses signify love and passion. As we mentioned before, while a big bunch of red roses may be a great choice for your girlfriend, wife or lover on your anniversary, it may not be the wisest choice for your mother-in-law’s 60th birthday.

If you are wary of overdoing it though – perhaps it’s your first date with a significant other – then we’d suggest taking the safer route and buying just a single red rose. This can still be romantic without being wildly over-the-top.

White Roses: Innocence

LolaFlora- white roses-perfect rose

The pure white rose is the perfect way to mark the beginning of something new or a fresh start. Whether this is the birth of a new baby or to mark the occasion of a new job or milestone, you can never go wrong with white roses.

Worried a bunch of white roses might be a bit too plain? Add a splash of color by picking a bunch of flowers with a few select white roses in them for the best of both worlds.

Purple Roses: Enchantment

LolaFlora-lilac roses-perfect rose

Did you know that the purple rose is often associated with love at first sight? Receiving roses in any shade of purple signifies that the giver has fallen fast and deeply in love with you.

Worried about coming on too strong? Buying a bunch of flowers with a few select purple or lilac roses in it can be a subtle way to get your message across.

Yellow Rose: Friendship 

LolaFlora- yellow roses-perfect rose

A bouquet of yellow roses is the perfect way to commemorate a meaningful, long-lasting friendship. As they also signify a new beginning, yellow roses are the perfect gift for a new baby or for a friend who has started a new job or moved into a new house.

That being said, if you’re hoping to show your true feelings to your crush, then perhaps a yellow rose would not be the right choice for you.

Can’t Decide?
A Mix of Different Colors is Always a Good Bet

LolaFlora- roses in all colors

Flowers can be personal. If you are buying flowers for someone you don’t know all that well and you don’t know which flowers they may like, it may be a simpler solution to buy them a mix of different flowers, such as yellow, pink and orange roses.

Even if you don’t know her favorite flower, sometimes just the simple gesture can be enough.

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