How to Make Your Own Wedding Flowers (DIY)

Getting ready for your Big Day? If you’re interested in cutting the expenses while adding personalized elements to your wedding, then you should definitely consider creating your own flower arrangements. Today’s easy step-by-step DIY project: gorgeously lush centerpieces that feature your favorite blossoms… for half the price! Roll up your sleeves and get to work!

Before You Get Started

Just like any other do it yourself project, this one requires a little preparation in advance. Before shopping, cutting and arranging, make sure that you follow these steps:

• Step 1: Get Inspired

Photos of the Wedding Flower Arrangements

Start by collecting a wide range of gorgeous images to serve you as inspiration. From GOALS arrangements via Pinterest to magazine cutouts featuring lush bouquets, simply grab anything and everything that captures your attention, that excites you and that represents your vision.

• Step 2: Choose Your Color Palette

Color of the Wedding Flowers

Once you’ve got your inspiration files down, picking out your color palette is a much easier task. Whether you’re going with bright and bold hues or opting for pastel and dusty shades, make sure that you commit to your color scheme before hunting for the perfect blooms.

• Step 3: Select Your Blooms

Roses or peonies? Or perhaps dreaming of a lavender theme that will complete with gorgeous lilac flowers? Before you commit to any flower, make sure that you are informed whether your blossom of choice is in season or not at the time of your wedding.

The Tools

Tools for the Wedding Flower Arrangements

You’ve picked your colors; you’ve picked your blooms; you’ve got help there to share the workload and you’re ready to get started. Here’s what you’ll need to create the handmade centerpieces of your dreams:

  • A short and wide vase or urn
  • Floral foam
  • Scissors
  • Water
  • Bucket
  • Waterproof floral tape
  • Clippers
  • Your flowers of choice

The Method

  • Start by cutting all your stems at an angle and let them sit in room temperature water for 24 hours. Ideally, you should remove all the leaves, but feel free to save a few if you love a greener look.
  • Using a bucket filled with water at room temperature, place your floral foam inside and let it soak up the liquid.
  • Place your foam in the vase, making sure that you’ve got as much possible covered. You can use your scissors to cut smaller pieces of foam and place them in the smaller nooks.
  • Secure your foam in place with the help of waterproof tape.
  • Start inserting your stems in the foam one by one, beginning with the largest ones down to the daintiest ones. If you’ve got large greenery, start with them, and then move on to the real flowers. Stick the stems into the foam at different levels: some higher, some lower. As you work on your arrangements, spin your vase or urn to make sure that you’re loving the look from all angles.

LolaFlora- Flower Arrangements

Extra Tip:

Experiment, test, and retest – and do so until you’ve got down the perfect recipe for your arrangement. For example, you’ve figured out that your centerpieces look utterly perfect using 7 roses, 5 carnations, 3 fern leaves and 3 scabiosa. Once you’ve got the ideal formula, ordering the right amount of flowers is quite an easy task – and you can also count on achieving identical, equally gorgeous centerpieces at the end of your DIY project.

If you enjoyed this DIY, you’ll simply love our tutorial on how to create your own bridal bouquet, so stay tuned for our easy step-by-step guide coming up soon!

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