4 Special Flowers and Their Meanings

Lilies, Carnations, Daisies or Roses?

You are in love! It is a fact, these things happen. So…

How do you declare your love now?

If you are in the group of the ones who just need a pretty bouquet, it is very easy.

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Oh! You are still here! Great!

Then you are truly looking for inspiration, don’t you? Well, I hope this mini – guide that I have prepared will be useful. It is a very common belief that only Red Roses can express our love impetus,

but, I got news for you, there are not just them the ones that can speak for you. Then we have:

⇒ 1) Lilies: Love symbols, a way to tell someone you like, that they make your day beautiful with their presence.

  • The White ones speak about a tender love and confidence.

  • Yellow ones say: I am happy loving you.
  • Pink ones are the symbol of youth and joy.
  • Purple ones express how their eyes drive you mad and how much you want to seduce them.
  • Red ones are to declare a love in flames, and
  • Orange ones say: I can die for you.

⇒ 2) Carnations: Symbol of “insolence” of saying the thing as we think them.  Great way to deliver your message.

  • White ones represent a strong and sincere friendship.
  • Red ones speak about passion.
  • Pink ones say “I love you” in a hot way.


⇒ 3) Daisies: Always considered a symbol of innocence and purity. They can deliver other messages according to their colors:

  • White ones are a tool of seduction.
  • Pink ones speak about an innocent love or a very shy feeling. They are perfect to confess your love if you are afraid of rejection.
  • Yellow ones are a vow of loyalty.
  • A combination of white and pink daisies, hit the target saying “I just have eyes for you”.


⇒ 4) Roses: And finally, the roses are the flowers that you must be wondering the most right now. Well here I will explain to you, the meaning of each color:

  • Whites ones are the symbol of romanticism and loyalty.


  • Lilac ones mean love at first sight.
  • Pink ones confess a sweet feeling and are a symbol of a love that didn’t get fully expressed.
  • And last but not least, the Red Roses! They talk about a fervent feeling and they are a revelation of carnal love and a passional desire.
  • A combination of red and white roses will deliver the message: “I want to live with you” And a dozen of them will say: “Marry me” (But I will tell you what the number of roses means in a next post).

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