10 Cheap Flower Suggestions for Your Wedding Bouquet

There are so many moving parts to any wedding, and costs can creep up very quickly between the various decisions as the big day approaches.

For those brides on a strict budget, there are ways to save a little on the price of a bouquet without sacrificing beauty or style.

Let’s discover a few ways to save money on a beautiful bridal bouquet.

Also, you will not need to try to visualize our bridal bouquet suggestions as we offer you a beautiful and fresh flower bouquet of LolaFlora as an example just for you!


While it may seem contradictory as roses are usually thought of as expensive, it is possible to choose a rose bouquet that is less than other flowers.

Choose roses when they are in season and in abundance. Roses vary in size and color as well as price, so you can get a better deal for certain types.

Add greenery to fill out if you prefer a larger size bouquet.

19 lilac roses

2-White Orchid:

For a more exotic look and unique shape, choose a white orchid.

These flowers are more expensive, but a little can go a long way. The flowers hang more than bunch so less is more with orchids in a bouquet.

white orchids

3-Rose and Lily:

Combining the romantic rose with the elegant lily makes a beautiful arrangement for any bride.

White lilies with lilac roses and a pop of brightness from orange roses make this a unique and stunning bouquet choice.

roses and lilies

4-Pretty in Pink:

Pink lilies and pink rambler roses are a dynamic duo with this bold choice. White roses and green cut are added to fill out the bouquet.

The bright pink is for the bold and beautiful bride who loves to be noticed.

pink roses

5-Mixed Bouquet:

One of the current trends is a rustic wedding look.

This mixed bouquet with hydrangea, rose, lisiantum, peony, and olive matches this theme perfect for an outdoor or barn wedding.

vintage bouquet


Another flower for a rustic theme with a more bohemian dress is the daisy. Daisies are resilient, cheerful flowers that go with the more outgoing, bubbly bride.

Choose from a large array of colors, or stick with a white daisy. Add a few carnations with white daisies for a pop of color.

Daisies and carnations


Related to the daisy, these are larger flowers that can fill out a lovely bouquet with only a few blooms.

Add lily and rose to make a dynamic trio of contrasting textures.

lilies and gerberas


While not the most popular flower, when used in a mixed bouquet they are quite lovely and sweet.

Another bold color bouquet, mix gerberas with roses, lisianthus, and carnations for a grand effect.

lisianthus and carnations


White lilies on their own can be quite expensive. Add lilies to a mixed bouquet, however, and you can have a beautiful bouquet for a fraction of the price.

A pink and purple medley of lisianthus with white lily is a beautiful combination.

lilies and lisianthus

10-Pink Lily and White Daisy:

For a twist on the classic all-white bouquet, adding a touch of pink will complement a white dress and a traditional bride.

pink lilies and daisies

These are just a few ways to save money on a bridal bouquet.

Discuss your ideas and inspiration with your happy wedding planning!

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