10 Best Flowers and Plants to Give to Men

Sending your favorite man a green or floral gift for special occasions may not cross your mind. It should!

It’s a fun and surprising way to send a gift that they’ll remember – and it’s delivered!

If you’re stuck for ideas, here are 10 that your recipient will love.

Flowers to give to men



Nothing else can transmit wishes of wellbeing more clearly than a gift of succulent plants. These gorgeous plants are the natural enemy of empty spaces, filling them out with good vibes and freshness.

  • They create a calming, stress-free environment.
  • You can give this perfect gift to your father, partner or brother on their birthdays.
  • They have very interesting shapes! A good decoration element for any men in any age.
  • They are very easy to care.
  • There are variety of colors from greens to reds.


Anthurium flowers for men

  • There’s not a hint of fluff on this flowering plant.
  • Even though it has a strong flower and a bold splash of color, the glossy green leaves and overall demeanor of this plant are a gender-neutral winner.
  • If your recipient is a fan of tropical vacations, this will be a nice reminder for them.



They are ideal gifts for birthdays or as spontaneous expressions of affection.

  • Sunflowers always track the sun at day and reorient themselves to face east at night.
  • Sunflowers require little time and effort to be healthy.
  • These plants are remarkably tough and thrive on almost any soil when exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Cheerful, big, and bold, sunflowers bring an air of nonchalance to arrangements.



Tulips are another solid gift choice for men of all ages.

  • These brightly colored, cup-shaped jewels of the East brighten rooms and act as stress relievers.
  • They are the first plant to penetrate the snow in late winter and because of that, they symbolize spring, the beginning of a new cycle of life.
  • They are ideal gifts for anniversaries and celebrations of ‘new beginnings’.
  • Yellow symbolizes cheerful thoughts, purple stands for nobility while red tulips represent the perfect love.


Bonsai flowers for men

  • What man wouldn’t love a little bit of forest in his life?
  • Bonsai trees are mini-masterpieces that will live on for years, and look great anywhere.



Choosing darker-shaded orchids would make for an ideal gift to give to a partner, dad or brother for their birthday or job promotion.

  • Orchids are ancient flowers that come in all shapes and colors.
  • Their charm and otherworldly beauty make them natural stress relievers and the perfect gift for male professionals.
  • A study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology has ascertained that being near orchids improves focus and memory by 20%.
  • Colors are nice, but sending one in white will assure that it truly goes with anything.


iris flowers for men

  • Iris are a mainstay of many men’s colognes, and make a handsome arrangement for a fellow to receive.
  • They simply smell fresh, and are a potent symbol of valor, trust and honor. Sound like anyone you know?


Guzmania flowers for men

  • This tough but showy bromeliad doesn’t look fussy, doesn’t get picky about where it lives.
  • The floral spike lasts for weeks and weeks without much care.
  • In other words: Perfect for the bachelor who needs a gift.



  • In Chinese culture, bamboo is one of the Four Gentlemen of flowers – along with orchid, plum blossom, and chrysanthemum.
  • It symbolizes strength and nobility and is often given to respected members of the family like dad or granddad.
  • Bamboo is deemed to bring serenity and luck to its owners.
  • They are low-maintenance, making them a pure joy to have.

Dieffenbachia flowers for men

  • A plant with impact, the Dieffenbachia has big leaves and looks crisp.
  • The green and cream colored foliage adds some zip to the look, while the whole plant is easy to care for.
  • It’s long-lived and will provide years of enjoyment.

Flowers acts as natural stress relievers, often giving us a sense of deep connection with nature. This serves as a vital way to recharge in our busy modern lives. And while most flowers achieve this with their beauty, some do it with their masculine characteristics. Those are the flowers that are perfect for well-meaning spontaneous gestures or birthday, anniversary and retirement gifts to men.









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