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LolaFlora Ebooks are all about expanding your knowledge of flowers. Flowers are a natural treasure everyone can enjoy. In our Ebooks, you can find the information that you need to appreciate, care for, and use flowers in new and exciting ways.

Choose the Ebook on caring for houseplants, and you can keep lovely plants healthy and thriving in your home. The LolaFlora guide to wedding flowers can help you find the arrangements and bouquets right for your special day. In another Ebook on roses, you’ll find facts about the history of roses and tips for caring for your roses.

Whether you want to learn more about glorious roses or fascinating wedding arrangements, LolaFlora has the Ebook for you. Each Ebook gives you practical guidance to help you use flowers to your greatest advantage. There’s no time like now to dive into a LolaFlora Ebook and get in touch with the flower-lover within you!

Houseplant Care Guide

Wedding Flowers Guide

Rose Guide